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The Chicken 'N' the Duck

An afresh married couple
Went a walk in a wood
The whole surround muffle
By the trees as a hood

It's a fine summer evening
After a delicious dinner
Time passed without knowing
They came inner n inner

They both were having
Such a wonderful time
Until they hear a sound
In a pretty near afield

Wife turned and looked the back
 'Listen'said the wife
In a voice sounding wise

'Oh poor little CHICKEN
Can you hear please listen'
'No,no wifee it's a DUCK'
Husband said 'It has trapped'

'NO it's a chicken honey
I'm sure I'll bet the money'
'Impossible!! chicken go
Cock a doodle doodle doo'

'Here it's a quack quack
Take in,that IT MUST A DUCK'
Husband said in angry tone
Wife desolated,her smile has gone

Tears slowly  fell down from her eyes
There was a pause without any noise
'Oh yeah wifee I was wrong
Must be a chicken the sound that belong'

               The point of the story that the husband finally awakened to was,who cares whether it is a chicken or a duck?What was much more important was their harmony together,that they could enjoy their walk on a such a fine evening.
               Anyway,how many times have we been absolutely,certainly and positively convinced we are right,only to find out we were wrong later?Who knows?That could have been a GENETICALLY MODIFIED CHICKEN MADE TO SOUND LIKE A DUCK!!!

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